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Buy Gift Voucher

When you're buying a gift voucher, you just need to specify the number of gift vouchers and the total value of each gift voucher. For example, if you enter SEK 100 and then specify ten units, the final total will be SEK 1,000.

If you want to buy a pack of videos, maybe for a new dog owner, just add up all the films you want to buy, calculate the total and then buy a gift voucher for that amount.

When you buy a gift voucher, you pay for it via PayPal in precisely the usual way. Don't forget to enter a discount code, if you've been given one.
Once the purchase has been completed, you'll be given one code for each gift voucher. You can then send it to the recipient.
The recipient will have to register, buy whichever films he/she wants and pay using the discount code. The buyer can then log in and view his/her films under his/her own account.